Outdoor Shared Spaces

Due to Covid-19 situation

We want to bring up a e-learning opportunity in Equine Culture
We know our project deals with natural spaces and sharing spaces with equines.
But exceptional situations makes us take creative opportunities
Contact us for more details

A natural space where different species come together, 

where they learn and enjoy each other

Respect & Emphathy

Horse & Human Interactions (HHI)

Equine Assisted Learning (EAL)

Respect & Understanding as a basic

Outdoor: Existing, happeing or done outside

Shared: Experience by more than one

Spaces: Areas available to be used


Large sentient animal with four legs. 

Link to humans since  ancient times with humas to ride on,  work or enjoy time with


Being or belonging to people as opposed to animals



11/04/2020, 07:42

Online Stables Workshops

A opportunity to know and learn the equine culture in a creative and dynamic way. 30 minutes workshops 3 workshops per week (Monday - Wednesday - Friday) Private workshops Small group workshops (Three...   más

Our team

Carlos Ganzabal Cuena
HETI Associate member

Member of HETI (Horse Education Therapy International), Since 2018

Active member of AINISE (Alianza Internacional por la Interacción Saludable con Equinos) www.ainise.org, Since 2018

Part of the working team of Proyecto Caballo, contributing to the transition in equine culture www.proyectocaballo.org, Since 2019

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